What is Ginger?

Ginger is a flowering plant (Zingiber Officinale) where its roots are commonly used as spice worldwide and used in traditional/folk medicine (i.e., Chinese medicine, indigenous medicine, etc.) to warm up the body, boost metabolism, and improve the digestive system. It is also commonly added to food, beverages, pastries, and snacks.

What does it taste like?

Young ginger roots have lighter skin color and are juicy/mild. It is commonly used in shredded form in dishes. Mature ginger roots are dry, fiber-rich, and usually stronger in their ginger taste. It is commonly used as a seasoning especially in meat, seafood, and vegetarian dishes in Asia (i.e. Indian…

The fashion industry is the second most polluting industry in the world. Every step, from the process of creating fabrics to the finishing product that can be quickly replaced by a newer one, all contribute to environmental damage. Hoping to move the Japanese textile industry forward, JETRO introduced “sustainability” as the theme of this year’s Japan Textile Salon.

This year’s Japan Textile Salon discussion panels are largely focused on the importance of the companies to invest in sustainability. “Sustainability isn’t a trend, it’s a direction,” said Chief Merchandising Officer at Untuckit LLC Bjorn Bengtsson. …

North America’s largest lifestyle tradeshow NY NOW opens

NY Now has once again opened its door at The Jacob K. Javits Convention Center from Feb. 1st-5th, 2020; As the largest lifestyle trade fairs in North America, more than 20 thousand distributors and buyers from all over the world attended this 5-days event. …

Seeing chocolate bombs at stores and all over TikTok? It’s never too late to join the bomb game! The trending hot chocolate bombs are balls of chocolate filled with cocoa mix and marshmallows, topped with chocolate decorations and sprinklers. When you pour hot milk into the mug, the bomb ‘explodes’ and spills the cocoa mix and marshmallows hiding inside. Indulge yourself with these chocolate bombs this Christmas! It’s super fun and easy to make them at home.

Ingredients (for 6 hot chocolate bombs):

  • half-circle silicone mold
  • 6 dark or semi-sweet quality chocolate bars
  • 1–2 cups hot cocoa mix
  • Mini marshmallows
  • Sprinkles
  • Other fillings as desired



Although Christmas is known to most people in the world, it is not a holiday that is traditionally celebrated in most Asian countries. However, due to Western cultural influences and its commercial appeal, Christmas has increasingly become more commonly celebrated in many Asian households. Many families and couples will go out for dinner as restaurants will come up with a Christmas special.

Aside from Christmas, many countries across Asia celebrate the Dongzhi Festival (冬至) or Winter Solstice Festival, which is usually taking place right before Christmas. …

What is Sesame?

Sesame is a flowering plant (Sesamum Indicum) that is usually grown in tropical and temperate regions worldwide. The seed of Sesamum Indicum is commonly used in cooking, baking, and known for the health benefits it can provide. The seed has high oil content and is commonly made into a different form for consumption (i.e. sesame oil, paste, roasted seeds, and ground roasted seeds).

What does it taste like?

Different colors of sesame seeds taste differently and the form that it gets extracted into also changes the taste a bit. Sesame seeds are commonly seen in two colors, white and black. In general, sesame seeds are…

Sesame Oil Chicken/MáYóuJī 🇹🇼is a classic Taiwanese winter dish that will warm your body inside out. Some sources state that it appeared early as the Tang dynasty. From a Chinese medicine point of view, sesame oil chicken is the perfect dish to eat in winter because of the ingredients used — Together, this dish not only dispel cold and promote blood circulation, but it also nourishes your chi and spleen, which increases your vital energy. In Taiwan, the dish is also popular amongst new moms who have just given birth. …


1. 2 cups of rice

2. 1 pack of Kimchi (this will comprise of 1 cup of kimchi & 1/3 cup of its juice)

3. 2 tsp of gochujang

4. 1 tbsp of vegetable oil (if you’re not using bacon fat)

5. 2 tsp of sesame oil

6. 1 tsp of soy sauce

Optional ingredients:

  • Eggs
  • Bacon
  • Scallions
  • Seaweed


1. Make 2 cups of rice. When done drizzle 2 teaspoons of sesame oil and let your rice cool down while you’re preparing the other ingredients. (you can also use leftover rice but just make sure you have enough)

2. Measure…

What’s Chinese Chili Powder (La Jiao Mian)?

Chinese Chili Powder (La Jiao Mian) is a spice that’s commonly used in Chinese cuisine. It is stronger in flavor & aroma when compared with the chili powder that only contains ground red pepper. What makes this Chinese Chili Powder different is that it contains more than just red pepper, it also contains Sichuan Pepper, sesame, and star anise.

What does it taste like?

Depending on the type of Chinese Chili Powder you get, it tastes slightly different. Some taste more like chili flakes where it includes dried chili pepper seeds which makes it spicier; some are completely ground.

Commonly Used Cases

It is commonly used in Chinese…

In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity. Although many places have permanently closed their doors due to the pandemic, some managed to emerge from this global hardship — Atelier EHOI is one of them.

photo provided by Atelier EHOI

Atelier EHOI is a New York and New Jersey-based online dessert shop that delivers freshly baked sweets to your doorsteps. It consists of all kinds of well-designed desserts that will make you drool as you browse through the website.

The owner of Atelier EHOI, Taihee, has always loved making desserts. While working as an interior designer, Taihee would take courses at Japanese and Korean…

Claire Wu

Born in Taiwan, living in New York.

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